Exhaust Safety

Exhaust Matters for Stone Hearth (Wood fired) Ovens

One of the greatest concerns for owners, operators and foodservice consultants worldwide is exhaust safety. Phoenix Ovens are proud to offer a new exhaust solution that ensures safe, clean and cool oven exhaust operation. We have re-engineered the traditional exhaust design for the stone hearth oven range.

The unique Phoenix spigot design and construction allows the extraction of all spillage products from the oven without drawing valuable oven heat. This simple achievement is done by positioning the extraction spigot higher above the oven door compared to a more traditional position (right at the oven door) used by most other competitors.

With the spigot position further away from the oven mouth several benefits are achieved:

  • Higher air flow is possible at the spigot entry without adverse effect on the oven temperature.
  • Higher air flow enables ambient air to be drawn into the exhaust at the spigot.

This means:

  • The exhaust temperature is lower right from the entry to the spigot (typically <140°C as compared to 200-300°C in a traditional designed oven style).
  • No wet scrubber filter is required. No water supply, no drain connection and no dangerous electrical connections to the area above the oven.
  • The exhaust velocity is increased through the complete system. This keeps the system cleaner and can easily comply with NFPA requirements.
  • There is no need for "make up air device" hidden behind the facade which can cause disruptive air pressure problems to the oven gas system.
  • The area in front of the oven is a cooler environment for the operator.

The open area between the oven door and the exhaust spigot entry gives a clear visual inspection /aspect to ensure "over firing" does not occur.  Over firing is when flame extends outside the oven door.  In traditional ovens this commonly goes unnoticed and flames are drawn directly into the spigot and flue system with often disastrous results.  On the Phoenix Oven this area is easily cleaned and if over firing is observed there is a swing down door that will quickly contain any flames.

At the entry to the exhaust spigot is a mesh filter panel.  This filter is easily removed (no tools required) for regular cleaning.  This is a standard kitchen canopy grease filter.  As the front of the oven and the entry to the exhaust spigot are easily monitored and cleaned there is reduced grease or creosote build up (traditionally hidden) to fuel a fire into the exhaust flue.

Phoenix Ovens with Gas or Electric operation are also fitted with additional safety features including a thermal interlock sensor, flue system pressure differential switch and oven OT sensor.  These devices are connected in series and mounted inside a separate interlock cabinet below the oven.  The gas or electrical system will enter "lock-out mode" if either sensor detect abnormal operation.

Lock-out mode is easily reset by an operator as soon as any fault is rectified (ie. oven too hot, fan operation, power or gas supply issue or blocked filter).

These innovative solutions are why Phoenix Ovens are world leaders in oven design and performance.

For further information please view our Exhaust Advice Guide below or contact our engineering team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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